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October 11, 2006

The (Less Than) Great Debate

Did you catch Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and her challenger Dick DeVos debate on TV the other night?


Two dedicated, civic-minded people.  Going for a job that can only bring them a lot of sleepless nights and grief in this troubled Midwestern state of ours over the next four years.


I watched them and thought: ‘Boy, couldn’t get me up in the TV lights like that!’


The cameras peeled back their veneer.  Showed whether they were comfortable, confidant and quick witted.


We soon ignored DeVos’ corporate image.  The French cufflinks. Starched white shirt, dark tie.


Granholm’s  modelish, personable style frayed a bit at times.


At the end, I  wondered if DeVos was smart -- and humane--  enough for the job.


And why Granholm hadn’t gotten more done in the past four years.


Not a great debate.  Not a clear winner.  Or loser.


They'll be together before the lights one more time.


Let’s see who has the best ideas for Michigan’s future.


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