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November 27, 2008

The Best Things In Life Aren't Things

I was driving near downtown after lunch yesterday, when I noticed St. Phil Catholic High School students putting out signs reading something like: "The Best Things In Life Aren't Things" Day.

Boy, if that isn't true.

The best things in life are family, friends, faith, community, commitment, loyalty, love, passing 'things' along and forward.

Yesterday, cereal maker Kellogg Company also announced it was going to spend $86 million (or so) to expand its corporate headquarters in our small town of Battle Creek, Michigan, USA; and to help with educational and downtown redevelopment needs.

The announcement brought out a legion of bloggers on our local newspaper’s website.

The same old tired suspects, with the same old tired complaints about corporate influence and control; loss of union jobs; small town Battle Creek generally.

It's hard for me to imagine how ANYONE could not be thankful and excited for Kellogg's decision.

It's not about corporate benefit.  Not even about downtown.

It's about a corporation STAYING in small town America; and making a commitment to the community's future.

The best things in life aren't things.

The best things in life are those that no one can take away from you, when life and times get rough.

So, right on, St. Phil students.

And, thank you, Kellogg.

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