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March 31, 2010

One Toke Over The Line?

One Toke Over The Line ?

onetoke.jpgThere are two strange, new storefronts round the corner from where I work on Territorial Road near 20th street in Battle Creek, Mi., USA.  

One is a makeshift, fertilizer and sun lamp filled “BC HYDRO” indoor plant -growing store. CALL 96-GROW.

The other has a sign in front: “Cereal City Compassion Club” with a marijuana plant for a logo.

Cars crowd the front and side lots during daylight hours.   People enter and leave thru rear doors.

A blue and white, tied-dyed blanket hangs from the Cereal City Compassion Club window, blocking out curious eyes. “PRIVATE. Please enter in rear of Bldg.”

Medical marijuana relief, or pot- shops for Ann Arborites and aging hippies?

Could  the new ‘business’ be part of an Economic Development Plan by our City Fathers?

Civic improvement at its creative, cutting-edge best?

After all, these roach-and-stem-loving folks replace the blind pig and after-hours gambling den that occupied the same storefront spaces until recently.

We got the number for 96-GROW.

Anyone know the one for Silent Observer?

Verdict In On Early Screening for Breast Cancer

A new study puts to rest the debate over the efficacy of early screening for breast cancer: benefits outweigh risks.  For every 1 woman who is subjected to unnecessary surgery or other treatment, 2 women are saved as a result of early screening.

Amidst the study’s details, a rather remarkable comment by one of the study’s physician/researchers: “If only we could understand why and how some women’s bodies destroy the cancer without treatment.  If we knew (the answer,) we could ‘cure’ breast cancer.”

For study details, go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8594940.stm

 ‘Happiness’ Is Found in Our Relationships; Not Our Bank Account

That Porsche in the driveway might be kick-ass fun on the road and a real rubber-necker with the girls, but it won’t make you happy.

Worldwide comparisons of relative “happiness” reveal that net income, and salary raises, don’t mean much after you reach an annual income of about $60,000.

What makes people happy and content are their relationships, and when they reach out, and give back, to other people and their communities.

Read all about it, in this brief essay.  Then: be happy. http://www.movementforhappiness.org/movement-manifesto

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