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September 11, 2013

Guaranteed to put a smile...

on your face... and a reminder that ...in spite of all the world's chaos...we are bound together by our humanity....our similarities ...  more than our differences.




-- Jim R.


Go to: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Pwe-pA6TaZk?rel=0

"What's My Line, Dorothy Kilgallen?"


Last night, President Obama told us he's reserving the right to attack Syria because 'it's still on the table' and that 'Bashar Al Assad crossed the line.'

ObamaSpeaking.jpgOn the table

Off the table

Over the line

On the line

Cross the line

What line

Moving on down the line

It ain't my line, officer

Who stole my line

Roses are red, violets are blue, cross my red line and I'll do you.

bashar-al-assad.jpgWhat's my line, Dorothy Kilgallen?


September 02, 2013

When 'Free' Ain't So Free At Your McDonald's

McDonald's Discount.jpg

When “Free” Ain’t So Free

At Your Local McDonald's

Here in Michigan, the local McDonald’s promotes this “Buy Five, Get One Free” coffee program.

The only problem is that you may be paying nearly TRIPLE for that “free” Large Hot McCafe or Premium Roast.

In Kansas City recently, I went through the McDonald’s Drive In and was surprised to find the same cup of coffee 60 cents cheaper than here.

 “Is that coffee on some special discount,” I asked the Kansas City McDonald’s window clerk.  “Regular price,” she replied.

I noticed they weren’t offering the “buy five, get one free” program.

So redeeming that “free” McDonald’s cup of jo, after you paste in the five stickers on that promotion card, may actually be costing you, in aggregate, about $3 more – compared to other McDonalds.


Where is Ronald McDonald when you need him?