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July 10, 2015

Lucy and Ethel in the Candy Lane


Did you know we spend more time watching porn on the Internet than reading The Bible,The Big Book, checking FACEBOOK and all the other combined books, all the other words in print? 

Of course, I (capitalize that "I") have never, never, never watched any porn. 

AND I know YOU have never watched ANY porn on the 



So who are all these people? 

Could Uncle Al be watching porn? 

GOD FORBID, as disgusting as it seems, could Dad or Mother or Father Tim be watching porn?

Could President Obama AT THIS VERY MOMENT be watching porn instead of finishing that 13 inch briefing book on whether the European Central Bank is going to again provide emergency liquidity assistance for the Greek drachma?

JUST THINK. If we all stopped watching Internet porn, we'd probably have time to solve the world's greatest problems.

In the course of full disclosure, let me ADMIT I've watched a little Internet porn in my day. 

But I keep looking in the girls' eyes and seeing thinly veiled pain, shame and the very worst kind of abuse we can inflict on each other as human beings.

Maybe some people just can't get enough of it.

For me personally, watching Porn very quickly is like watching Lucy and Ethel in the candy production line. 

Without the candy.
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