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October 13, 2009

At Large City Candidates' Forum: The Winner Is....

At Large, City Candidates' Forum: The Winner is....
There were almost as many  candidates (9) on the stage at Burnham Brooke Community Center last night as people in the audience (40).

My Grades/Notes on the Group:

Ryan Hersha, A+: appears  head and shoulders above this crowd...articulate, thoughtful, informed, people and community oriented and centered.

Carlton Lartigue, B+: talks the talk, but can he walk the walk?

Susan Baldwin, B: seems informed, dedicated ..   but several troubling votes as an incumbent about NIBC, etc.  and a bit brittle in  attitude.

Jason Pancost, C+: this red cheeked, cherub-faced kid has some good ideas.  Wore a suit and tie.  His mama raised him right.  Good luck.

Beverli Carpenter-Hunter, C:  very engaging ... retired Detroit cop... she and Hersha only ones to work the crowd...hey its an election, these hardy, late-night folks vote!

Steve Bessony, C: personalized t-shirt guy, "My name is b-e-s-s-o-n-y, glib ... may be a light weight.

Johnny Cash, C-: like his public safety emphasis, but would you want him representing you every week?

Ebony Thorpe, D- : clueless  ... lost inside her head and with the facts.

Bill Morris, F:  Mr. Economic Development can't squirm away from his checked past and unpaid tax bills.....  affirms why not to vote for him.

Diane Thompson:  absent, but with a  good, written excuse from home.


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